Artist Bio

Sarah Gil age 28, has always been inspired by the challenge of capturing a person or animal’s personality in her paintings. With a self-taught background in pencil, ink, acrylic, and watercolor, in 2015 she began to focus her craft on oil painting. And has dove head first into creating large-scale oil and mixed media portraits ever since.

Sarah works out of her home/studio in Tacoma’s Lincoln district. She moved there March 2017 from San Francisco’s Bay Area and is happy to become part of such a supportive artist community.



Artist statement

The challenge of capturing each subjects’ personality and energy is enough to keep me endlessly pursuing higher quality in my portrait work. If you follow my work from even just 5 years ago, you will notice a big difference in realism and applied skill. I've been building momentum (sometimes more than other times) for as long as I can remember. For me the key is the keep pursuing higher goals. It's a bit less about the end result, I love the process.

I'm inspired by renaissance era portraits, street art, tattoo art (specifically traditional Americana and Japanese designs), and all things juxtaposed! I love breaking down subjects that were once sacred or taboo and mashing it up with modern culture. When I find a magical moment to add a twist, that's the extra level that makes it interesting as a lasting piece representing me. -Sarah Gil

Process -Alter De Frida

I constantly collect materials I like, it's a joyful hobby to visit swap meets, salvage yards, free piles and more to see what treasures I can find. It wasn't until I started using oil paints and studying Frida Kahlo that it all came together and I knew what these collected materials would be used for. It was a very organic progress.

Materials were collected over a 10 year period. Recycled materials include: Metal and glass window box, lace from grandmas scraps, glass bottles, scrap wood, found tin box, used cigarettes, vintage chewing tobacco tins, paper doilies, used paint brushes, deconstructed picture frames and more.